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Roof Measurement Companies

Each roof report is written by a group of highly skilled and experienced technicians and then assembled into informative and succinct, eco-friendly reports. Our professional roof reports makes you stand apart from your competition, you can rely on our unparalleled response time and hundred percent accuracy rate or greater. Our first goal is customer care and commitment; hence we provide cutting-edge products and services.

Insurance agencies, roofers, contractors, insurance companies, and property managers can utilize our advanced satellite and aerial measurements to get the most precise measurements online. Using just a physical address, we could create Aerial reports that contain the area of each component, the pitch, and the length of ridges, hips, valley, rakes and eaves etc.

Our Features

  1. Risk free solution
  2. Detailed and exact reports
  3. Drawings are based on CAD style
  4. Reports are available online
  5. Also stick on to XML,RXF,DXF,DWG, and WRL formats
  6. The measurements contain area, rakes, ridges, hips and valleys


  1. Reasonable pricing
  2. Fast turnaround
  3. Extensive premium reports
  4. Well-informed customer support
  5. Multi-structure summaries
  6. PDF, ESX and XML files are available

Services :

1. ESX

The construction sector can benefit from our Roof Measurement Services. To convert our roofing measurements into a Xactimate Sketch, we use the most recent technology and the best quality aerial and satellite images. We can generate a roof take-off that is just as effective as on-site measurements using these images and our web-based tools. In fact, when compared to other Satellite Roof Measurement Services, our roofing measurements have been confirmed to be and report delivery has been faster.

Accuracy is our motto. The Roof Measurement Reports are produced by trained technicians and then verified by a Quality Assurance Expert in a three-step process, ensuring complete data accuracy on each report.

2.Square Reports

Our square reports are highly prevalent Pitch Factored Roof Squares. The turn round time will be very less. Rapid squares are the easiest way to estimate projects using roof squares and the predominant pitch.

3.Wall Measurements

Our wall/Siding measurements include detailed 3D sketch analysis and critical dimensions. The measurements are available for residential areas. Facet labels and area per facet, doors and windows are also added. The reports will be delivered rapidly. In our roof inspection reports, we examine the roof covering, we make sure the fasteners are secure; we examine the sheathing on the deck, the underlayment and slope, the ice barrier, the drip edge, the offset pattern the valley flashing on the roof and the deck for nail penetration.

An internal roof inspection includes looking for appropriate insulation, airflow and ventilation, humidity, and mould in the roof. Stepping up on the roof to check for leakage and adequate flashing, as well as the quality of your shingles and chimneys, is a part of an exterior inspection.

4.Premium Roof reports

Our premium Roof reports is a multi-use format that can be applied for sales presentations, bills of materials, and insurance claims, among other things. Our premium reports are very comprehensive and appropriate as well. They come with 3 D breakdown of roof planes. Both residential and commercial regions are included. The reports consist of blue prints, imagery take off, and Xactimate estimates too. We employ XML integrations with CRM application tools. In fact, our roofing measurements have been proven accurate to within 2%-5% and fastest report delivery compare to other Roof Measurement Companies.

5.Blueprint report

A blueprint is a two-dimensional compilation of drawings that shows how an architect intends a project to appear. Blueprints usually detail a structure's measurements, construction materials, and the precise positioning of all of its elements. Blueprints are architectural designs that depict how a structure should be built, what materials should be used, and where amenities such as doors, windows, sinks, and appliances should be placed. So, whenever you plan to build a house or a building, you will need blueprints.

Blueprint Reports are available at reasonable cost as Premium Reports. PDF,ESX, and XML are the formats that are available. Our blue prints consist of title sheet, site plans, floor plans, detail images, sections and elevations, structural drawings, mechanical, electrical and plumbing and line types.